Great Reasons to Earn a Culinary Arts Management Degree

For those who have a strong passion for culinary arts and a good sense of leadership, going to school to earn a culinary arts management degree is a great choice to make. With this type of culinary degree, it becomes easier to prove to employers that a person has what it takes to be an effective culinary manager. Working as this type of manager may seem like a piece of cake, but in all actuality, this occupation is one that requires much effort, passion and leadership.

To fully understand the benefits gained from earning a culinary arts management degree or certificate, it is important to take an in-depth look into the programs. In doing this, it becomes clear to see the advantages gained when going to school to earn culinary degrees.

Culinary Management Certificates

If a person doesn’t want to spend two to four years in school to earn a culinary management degree, it can be advantageous to take a different route and earn a certificate; this type of credential will take about 16-24 weeks to earn. Although the coursework completed in a certificate program differs from one school to the next, for the most part, topics that are covered include the following:

– Nutrition
– Purchasing
– Food preparation
– Hospitality professions
– Sanitation and food safety
– International cuisines
– Baking
– Cost control
– Facility design

Earning a certificate is very advantageous in that it provides students with a quick way to earn a degree alternative. With a culinary management certificate, students can go on to work for hospitals, catering companies, theme parks and more.

Culinary Management Associate’s Degrees

Students who can dedicate anywhere from 15 to 24 months to going to college should consider earning an associate’s degree in culinary management. With this type of culinary degree, a person can go on to become an executive chef, kitchen manager, beverage and food manager and more. An associate’s degree can lead to increased job opportunities as well as an increase in pay. Topics covered during an associate’s program include:

– Food and beverage purchasing
– Pastry
– Baking
– Safety and sanitation
– Nutrition
– Managing the dining room
– Catering
– Marketing
– Menu planning

Culinary Management Bachelor’s Degrees

It takes about four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in culinary management. With this type of degree, a person will see a great increase in employment opportunities. Furthermore, a person’s pay can more than double with this type of credential. If a person is looking to become a culinary manager for a large corporation, it is best to earn a bachelor’s degree. To earn bachelor-level culinary degrees, a student will have to take part in much hands-on work experience as well as complete a wide variety of courses, including those that focus on:

– Advanced business management
– Labor cost control
– Accounting
– New culinary trends
– Finance principles
– Advanced menu design
– Conflict resolution